“What is meditation?”

‘Meditation’ is an umbrella term for a broad range of techniques that stem from different cultures and traditions, that look and feel different, and that have different outcomes. These include various kinds of breath meditations, mindfulness practices, visualisations, body scans, compassion practices, movement meditations (qi gong, tai chi), and more. 

Whether you are completely new to meditation and looking to be guided in your first steps, or you have a well-trodden path of practice behind you and are looking to try something new or go deeper with your practice, I offer different classes to suit your needs.

Click here to read about what to expect from a class with BluFlo Meditation.

Upcoming Classes

Please get in touch if you are interested in booking or have any questions


Individual and small group sessions

Opportunities throughout the week. Locations include Quay Place, I7HC, and other locations by request. Online sessions (Zoom/Hangouts) are available. Price dependent on location, time, and group size. Available now!

Meditation for Sports Performance (coming soon!)

Fridays – 7-8.30pm @ I7HC Clubhouse, Tuddenham Road.

Learn the neuroscience behind attention, decision making, and flow; learn meditation techniques to use before, during, and after sport.

Stress Less Lunches (coming soon!)

M W F –   12.15-12.45 / 13.00-13.30 / 13.45-14.15 @ Quay Place, Ipswich.

Enjoy a relaxing meditation session in your lunch-hour. Find calm and stillness for 30 minutes, and take that stability back into the rest of your day.

If you have been referred here by St. Elizabeth’s Hospice, please either give me a call or email me with ‘SEH’ in the subject line – contact

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