What to expect when taking a class with BluFlo

While at university, I took several courses that had a ‘Meditation Lab’ component – in these ‘medlabs’, students would gain first hand experience of the techniques that we were reading about and discussing in our seminars. This ‘first-person’ aspect of the degree was crucial in building an understanding of the contemplative traditions we were studying. Equally as important was the ‘second-person’ part of these classes – the opportunity to speak about our experiences, and to ask questions in an open forum with the teacher and our classmates.

We were taught to ‘experiment in the laboratory of your own mind’. While a meditation may be presented as coming from Zen Buddhism, there was never any expectation of being a ‘Zen Buddhist’. We were taught to participate as fully as possible, but to always maintain a ‘critical first-person perspective’ – to reflect on our experience and, in a sense, to analyse it.

I hope to create spaces that feel similar to how those medlabs felt. Spaces of restfulness, stillness, and calm. Spaces full of curiosity, exploration, and growth, where meditation is taught in a structured way, with lots of opportunity for feedback and learning.

Every class with BluFlo Meditation is unique, and caters towards the people who are there.

Individual sessions give the greatest opportunity for feedback and interaction with the teacher. You will progress at your own pace, and will develop techniques that work for you.

Small groups (up to 3 students) allow for a more vibrant space while maintaining a sense of connection with the teacher. Discussing our experiences with a group of friends, colleagues, teammates, or with strangers, gives us a chance to adjust and adapt how we are approaching the challenges that arise in our journey.

Large groups offer a chance to come together in a like-minded community. Depending on the content of the class, these may be ‘seminar’ like sessions where some written work and group discussion may intersperse the meditation practices, and others may just be meditation sessions.

My motivation to do this work comes from a wish to see other people at ease, to help them develop cognitive control, and to see people flourish and serve their communities with a passionate heart and mind. I hope to help people to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve sleep & nutrition habits, and to generate inner resources of compassion & resilience.

Get in touch today if you’re curious about learning meditation!

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