University Course List

Chronological order of my uni courses.


NEUR 0100 Introduction to Neuroscience

HISP 0600 Advanced Spanish

PHP 0040 Addiction: Causes, Cures, and Consequences of Substance Abuse



PHIL 1520 Consciousness

CLPS 0700 Social Psychology

VISA 0100 Intro to Visual Arts

POLS 1030 Modern Political Thought



RELS 0040 Great Contemplative Traditions of Asia

RELS 0055 Modern Problems of Belief

SANS 0100 Elementary Sanskrit

CS 0020 The Digital World



UNIV 0100 Cognitive Neuroscience of Meditation

ENGL 0500G Literature and Revolutions: 1640-1840

LITR 0110B Poetry 1

GISP 0007 Happiness: An Interdisciplinary Study



TAPS 0220 Persuasive Communication

UNIV 0540 Intro to Contemplative Studies



BIOL 0140C Communicating Science Through Visual Media

ENVS 0110 Humans, Nature and the Envrionment

RELS 0290E Engaged Buddhism



CLPS 1160 Brain Evolution

CLPS 1291 Computational Cognitive Science

CLPS 1571 Visual Consciousness



COST 1442 Rinzai Zen

COST 1950 Capstone

RELS/ENVS 0260 Religion Gone Wild: Spirituality and the Environment

RELS 0045 Buddhism & Death



RELS 1425 Buddhist Poetry

GEOL 0010 Face of the Earth

POLS 1845D Polycentricity


Departments: 19

Courses: 30­­

Other courses that were not officially completed (NC): Theory & Practice of Buddhist Meditation, Neural Systems, Neuropharmacology, Journalism, Transforming Society.

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